Terms & Conditions

DBOK TECHNOLOGIES aims to cope with its clients professionally, appropriately, and ethically. By engaging DBOK TECHNOLOGIES with their business, the clients will be accepting the following terms and conditions:

Terms of Use for This Website

The aim of the website is to make available a platform for customers to view the activities of the business. These terms and conditions mark off the rules and guidelines for the use of this website.

DBOK TECHNOLOGIES reserve the right, but are not stilted, to restrain the sales of our Services to any individual, terrestrial region, or authority. We may use this right on the basis of cases. We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any products or services that our company provides.

  • You will not misuse the Website for illegitimate purposes. You also come to an agreement that you will
  • Abide by all valid local, state, national, and global laws and protocols in your use of the Website (including laws concerning an intellectual property),
  • Not resell material on the Website,
  • Not defame, harass, mishandle, or disturb other users of the Website
  • After coming into agreement, if you do not take action timely and shirk your responsibilities DBOK TECHNOLOGIES will not be answerable for the results you will get.

Terms and Conditions of Services

Below are common terms and conditions that are appropriate to you or your company once you enter into a service contract with us. Please wade through these Terms of Service cautiously before getting into or using our website. By accessing any part of the website, you accede to being bound by these Terms of Service. If you have any doubts and disagree with the terms and conditions of this contract, then you are not able to utilize any services. If Terms of Service are considered an offer, approval is explicitly limited to these Terms of Service.

Warranties and Representations: You hereto approve to provide the servicer – DBOK TECHNOLOGIES with the whole thing that it requires to complete the project hereto marked off including, but not limited to, images, text, and other info as and when the service provider considers it indispensable and in the format that the service provider specified.

Copyright and Ownership: This will keep on the responsibility of both the parties corresponding to their ownership and copyrights. It will be their concern to look over the work before ratifying it to go for publication on the web. The company has the authority to publish and show the work produced for clients as part of its collection on websites, magazines, social media, or any other means for recognition and advertisement.

Non-Disclosure Contract: Private info means all data of any type, whether in written or other concrete form or verbally or visually equipped, which must equitably and communally be understood by the parties to be undisclosed or which is conjointly acknowledged by them as being confidential.