A Docker Container is an executable package of software that packages up code and also its dependencies so the application can run faster from one computing environment to another. Docker everything includes running an application efficiently: code, runtime, system libraries, system tools, and settings.

Standard:Docker created containers according to industry standards so they can easily portable anywhere.

Lightweight: Docker do not require operating system per-app they share machine system Kernel to reducing server and licensing costs.

Secure: Docker also provides default isolation in the industries so that Applications are Secure and safer in Container.

Comparing Container with Virtual Machines

Docker Packages up code and its dependencies together on the other hand Virtual machines (VMs) are a construct of physical hardware turning one server into many servers.

Container consumes less space so that handles more applications On another hand Each Virtual machine includes a full copy of the operating system so that the application is necessary to include binaries and libraries that consume more space also virtual machines are slow to boot.