Artificial intelligence (AI) has acknowledged better interest in recent years. Innovation, made potential through the Internet, has bring AI faster to our on a daily basis lives. These advances, next to interest in the technology’s likely socio-economic and ethical impacts, bring AI to the front position of many modern debates. manufacturing investments in AI are quickly increasing, and governments are demanding to understand what the technology could mean for their citizens.

The collection of “Big Data” and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), has made a perfect surroundings for new AI applications and services to grow. Applications based on AI are already visible in healthcare diagnostics, targeted treatment, transportation, public safety, service robots, education and entertainment, but will be practical in more fields in the coming years. Together with the Internet, AI changes the way we experience the world and has the potential to be a new engine for economic growth.

Current Uses of AI:

Even though artificial intelligence evokes opinion of science fiction, artificial intelligence by now has many uses today, for example:

  • Email filtering: With the help of artificial intelligence user can able to filter incoming email also spam filters by making email as spam.
  • Personalization: With the help of artificial intelligence Online services can personalize your experience services like Amazon or Netflix, “learn” from your previous purchases and the purchases of other users in order to recommend relevant content for you.
  • Fraud detection: To identify strange activity on your account bank uses artificial intelligence such as foreign transactions.
  • Speech recognition: By using artificial intelligence to to optimize speech recognition functions. Examples include intelligent personal assistants, e.g. Amazon’s “Alexa” or Apple’s “Siri”.