JMeter plays vital role to determine that the web application under high load also analyze the performance under heavy load.

Advantages of JMeter

  • JMeter discovers threshold limit of concurrent user that your website can handle.
  • JMeter also provides graphical analysis of performance reports.
  • JMeter also finds the maximum load that web server can handle

STEP1:Create a test Plan in JMeter

  • Start JMeter
  • Select testplan on the tree
  • Add thread Group


  • Http Request Default

Click on Add>Config Element>Http Request Defaults

  • Http Request

Right Click on Thread Group>Sampler>Click on Http request

Enter the protocol https and Server Name and ip and enter the path


Right click on Thread Group then go to Listener and click on view result tree.

Then Run the test ,you will see in result tree Sample data Load time ,Latency, Size iin bytes and errors.