Website Audit – First Assessment of What Needs To Be Done

Check if your Website is SEO Compatible or not

Congratulations your new website is ready. It is great to have a new website but still, there are few things that you must do make certain that your site is optimized to achieve traffic goals. You need to determine the visibility of your website in search engines and that’s how you can check of your website is SEO compatible or not. It is suggested that you must do a website audit for doing this. A website audit is a complete investigation of your website which includes a lot of factors such as page errors, indexed pages, and site speed. This in detail inspection will determine the problems that have a considerable impact on improving your business.

Though it might look time-consuming and tedious, SEO Audit is very important.  This includes an inspection of any kind of potential technical problems. It determines how the site is indexed by broken links, missing pages, site architecture, and search engines. It also reviews on-page SEO elements such as URL’s, meta descriptions, and page titles. SEO Audits also check which keywords will bring more traffic to your website. A keyword analysis is a very time-consuming kind of analysis but it will always reveal the most insight. For driving the success of a site website SEO audits is very important.

Matching How Googlebot sees your Website

Website Audio is very much recommended as it has a lot of benefits. Its first benefit is to help you to understand what is working and which is not and also focus on making it better.

Google is frequently updating its algorithm and its nonstop improvements. The guidelines and practices of SEO are changing constantly. Your website must be on top of these changes. It is very important to see your website in the same way as Googlebot sees it. It is essential that your site must be crawled correctly and Googlebot can reach your site on a network level.

Google Search results must be able to show all the essential URLs that you want people to notice. The content and pages on your website must be accessible to the search engine, and to all browsers and audiences. Googlebot must be able to get all the resources that give you reference on your web pages. Never forget that Googlebot also takes into account the common visual layout of the website and also it’s non-textual content. Remember that Google must assess your content and understand your site properly so that they can match it with the persons who are looking for your content.

Free Website Audit from DBOK Technologies

DBOK Technologies has a team of professionals who are devoted to helping you in optimizing your site through a free website audit. This comprehensive analysis will help you to focus on your SEO efforts as well as in determining any missed SEO opportunities that will put you on top of the result pages of search engines. Your website must be optimized for utmost usability and this SEO site audit will provide you an excellent overview of all the problems that must be addressed. With its outstanding audit and digital marketing experience, DBOK Technologies can also help your company in implementing the right changes.

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