Tableau is the most popular tool for data visualization which is rapidly being used in the Business intelligence industry. It is used to convert a raw set of data into an understandable format without technical skills and coding knowledge

Usage of tableau

  1. With the help of tableau translate queries into visualization
  2. Manages the metadata
  3. Imports data of all sizes and ranges
  4. It also offers the facility to create no-code queries

Why Tableau?

  • Real time analysis
  • Data Blending
  • Collaboration of data

How does tableau works?

Tableau software is to connect and extract the data in various places also pull data from any platform, Excel, Pdf, Oracle or even Amazon services.

Extraction of data live connected to tableau engine, data Engineer pull data and develop visualization then created dashboards are shared in the form of static files.

Extracted data from tableau desktop can be published on tableau server using Tableau user is able to access the files desktop or mobile device.