To develop a mobile Application there are many frameworks available but Android provide a native framework based on Java language and iOS provides a native based on Object-C/ Shift Language

In other words,to develop both the supporting operating system,we need to code in different languages and frameworks for OS. Irrespective of their simplicity or Complexity,these frameworks many disadvantages and drawbacks of their slow performance because these framework range from simple html for based hybrid mobile application which uses HTML for User interface and javascript for application logic because of their complex language and specific framework which do the heavy lifting of converting code to native code

Flutter also offers many ready to use widget(UI) to create a modern application and Flutter is simply a high performance based framework based on dart language and provides high performance by renderning the UI directly in the operating system

Flutter also supports gestures and animation the application logic is based on reactive programming.

Features of Flutter

  • Modern and reactive framework.
  • Uses Dart programming language and it is very easy to learn.
  • Fast development.
  • Beautiful and fluid user interfaces.
  • Huge widget catalog.
  • Runs same UI for multiple platforms.
  • High performance application.